Have a look at the $35,000 Wheelman Bicycle by Williamson Goods and Supply

While purchasing a bicycle that costs potentially more than most decent cars may not be the wisest idea for many, the Wheelman bicycle is certainly an exception in this case. This bicycle in picture is an immaculate work of Williamson Goods and Supply and is a breathtaking example of precision, technology and beautiful aesthetics. Coming in for a pocket-shattering price of $35,000, this custom-build master piece deserves every penny it calls for and delivers way more than one could expect.

The Wheelman bicycle presents an array of luxe features that are hand molded and custom fit into an extraordinary steed. Each unit of the magnificent bicycle is hand brazed in Detroit using the highest quality of chromoly tubing. All of its integrals ranging from the frame, fork, lugs and stem are handmade by Williamson with individual copper detailing and an engraftment of stunning logos. Each component of the mount is further wrapped with python or crocodile leather that is perfectly sewn into place. The makers also allow you to choose the exact specifications for the brake levers, gear system, pedals and cranks before fusing them for you.

The luxury offering by Williamson will be presented in three different color schemes ranging from Navy/Chrome, Navy/Copper and Tan/Copper, with only 10 pieces being manufactured for each colorway. One can also choose from the abundant range of accessories for the bicycle that include a Velo Orange Copper Plated Front Carrier Rack, Black Leather Saddle Tool Bag and a Copper Plated Adult Beverage Canister. If you have $35,000 to spare, spending it all on the uber-luxe Wheelman bicycle wouldn’t be a bad deal after all!


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