Have your own Hover Craft at $16,999.95

For all those who like to defy gravity and take up challenges, here’s another challenge you just can’t resist. The all-new levitating hover scooter. Sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Well, read on to learn more about this UFO-like gadget that will earn you more than just a few stares. The all-new one of a kind, Hover Scooter provides a unique experience in transportation levitating inches above the ground and speeding a single rider across level land on a cushion of air. An engine-powered fan elevates the scooter off the ground, and a stream of air exiting from a vent thrusts the scooter forward. You don’t need to be a genius to learn to ride this super cool machine, just five minutes on the machine will make you a pro hover scooter rider. The scooter works on a simple body language principle, all the rider needs to do is lean left or right whenever he needs to turn. Want to speed up? It’s easy, just lean back, and the scooter reaches speeds up to 15 mph. Throttle and clutch mounted on the handlebar allow precise control of engine power. Stopping is as easy as releasing the throttle and clutch controls and allowing the hovering scooter to gently coast to a halt over a distance of approximately twenty feet. For added safety, the rider wears an engine kill switch wristband similar to those on water-jet vehicles during operation. The scooter can hover over anything from solid land to sand. Just like the Hover Craft, a four-stroke internal combustion engine that operates for approximately one hour on a full tank of unleaded gasoline powers the hovering scooter. The scooter deck has a diameter of 5 feet and is also equipped with two non-skid footpads to ensure stable confident foot placement. Ride it any time of the day or night as the scooter comes equipped with head and tail lights. Basic assembly requires a Phillips and flathead screwdriver (not included) to attach the handlebar and install the 12-volt battery (included). Complete instructions and a training video are provided. The scooter is meant only for single riders above the age of 16 or for adults weighing up to 220lbs.

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Costing a whopping $16,999.95, this is one ride you wont forget. With dimensions of 48 H (with handlebar) x 75 Diameter and deck is 12 H. (330 lbs.); the scooter also comes in four different colors to choose from. As long as you remember to wear your safety gear, this is going to be one ‘out of the world’ experience.

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