Hawker 4000 luxurious super-midsize business jet costs $21 million!

Which is the most advanced and luxurious super-midsize business jet in the world? It’s Hawker 4000. At least that’s what its maker Hawker Beechcraft believes. Hawker 4000 does have a lot to boast of like its sophisticated composite fuselage, supercritical wing, powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada FADEC-controlled engines, and state-of-the-art Honeywell Primus EPIC avionics. Hawker 4000 is the first plane to offer big-jet safety and technology features at a midsized-jet price. But still, it is unspeakably expensive for $21 million. Hawker Beechcraft is also the first manufacturer to certify a composite-body jet with the FAA.

The body is 70% stronger than aluminum, doesn’t corrode, is easier to repair, and has no life limit. Believe it or not, this baby is hot property what with two and a half year waitlist. I dunno when you will be able to own a Hawker 4000 but for now just pray you to get to hop inside one.

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