HNF Heisenberg’s XF1 a premium mountainbike powered by BMW’s i technology

The age of the e-bike is upon us and the technology is only getting better with each turn of the wheel. With companies like BMW i backing some of the makers like HNF Heisenberg from Germany, their development on designs like the XF1, an electric mountain bike, are sure to get enthusiasts highly motivated.

The XF1 is the first ever mid-motor, belt-driven full-suspension e-bike to be developed that’s sleek, rugged and built to be a high-performance machine. It’s been shaped using the BMW swing arm design that also helps prevent any interference while peddling through pretty much any and all type of terrains. Bosch’s mid-motor electric drive helps push the XF1 to its limits while ensuring that it remains a long lasting system that won’t require too much maintenance over time. Other features include disc brakes, a Müller Lumotec IQ Avy headlight and a 400Wh lithium-ion battery pack that’s frame-mounted but removable when required; it should provide cyclists with up to 81 miles on a single charge. The bike also comes with an integrated computer that’s been configured to provide users with all kinds of relevant information like speed, distance traveled and details about the electric drive. With regards to the suspension, BMW had this to say – “The suspension can respond sensitively at any time, ensuring excellent grip and high traction.”

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This isn’t BMW’s first entry into the biking realm; earlier this year their Cruise M-Bike limited edition was announced and now this, in collaboration with HNF Heisenberg. The XF1 e-bike doesn’t come cheap, but when something comes branded with the BMW logo, one can’t expect it to be; the price starts at around $9,225 (€8,345) so enthusiasts, it’s time to start saving up.

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