Iconic Paris Jets with high-tech makeover are up for sale

All you high-flying aviation enthusiasts, here is an offer just for you. Canadian businessman and an aviation enthusiast himself, Edward Furtak is offering 30 Morane-Saulnier MS-760s, (the world’s first light jet used as a military trainer in the French Air Force in the 1950s) for sale. The businessman purchased the 30 jets, known as Paris Jets and equipped them with hi-tech modern day features that will surely appeal to the aviator’s of today. The Paris Jets were refurbished at Furtak and co.’s Georgia, USA headquarters and boast of stylish and hi-tech features like chic leather interiors, new fresh body paint and a state-of-the-art computerized instrument panel.

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What is more, the company has even bought all the spare parts of these Paris jets that they could get their hands on, from the French Air Force. Furtak has also purchased the Paris Jets plans from Morane-Saulnier (now Daher-Socata) with the aim of building brand new models once the current supply runs out. The 34ft twin-engine Paris jets are highly maneuverable and easy to fly and capable of a maximum speed of 432 mph at 2,000 feet and 405 mph at sea level, with a cruising speed of 393 mph at 16,000 feet.
A standard model of the new refurbished Paris jet sells for a cool $550,000 including 10 hours of flight training.

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