In-flight WiFi and internet facility to be provided by US Airways in 2010

Flight hours are always long, waiting in a muddle up of anxiety, apprehension, and restlessness, cut off from the outside world for a hefty 5 hours. This is what the mobile and internet addicts feel when they board a flight under a forced circumstance. But U.S Airways understands their ‘agony’ and has signed up with Gogo inflight internet service to make the inflight Wi-Fi train available in its domestic A321 fleet for next year. The ‘relief’ package will allow full internet access, including Web, Instant Messaging, email, and VPN access. It will be available for purchase to passengers with laptops, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Aircell’s standard pricing structure will be anything from $6-$13, depending on the length of flight and type of Wi-Fi enabled device used.

Initially, only the US Airways A321 aircraft will be integrated with this technology, flying select domestic routes. The usairways site displays the map detailing these routes, where the customers will be able to see if Wi-Fi is available on a specific flight by looking for the Wi-Fi icon while booking their flights.

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