The sprawling $700 million Scheherazade megayacht comes with gold toilet roll holders, a swimming pool that converts into a dance floor, and a hospital to keep its alleged owner Vladimir Putin healthy and safe.

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There was a lot of conjecture about the ownership of the $700 million superyacht named Scheherazade. It is safe to say the six-deck schooner belongs to Vladimir Putin, the most talked-about Russian on the planet. The 460 feet Lürssen yacht is anchored at the Italian Sea Group shipyard in Marina di Carrara, Italy. Pressure is mounting on Italy to seize and sell it for nothing less than $700 million to benefit Ukrainians. Whether that happens is something only time will tell, but for now, we throw light on what Scheherazade looks like from the inside. Is it elegant or overly extravagant? Is it opulent or vulgar? Take a look at the gallery and decide for yourself.

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Inside the mysterious $700 million megayacht Scheherazade:
Shockingly, a vessel of this size and stature delivered by Lurssen in 2020 for a reported total cost of $700 million has gone by nearly unnoticed. There was no buzz around its owner, as a matter of no one knows who owns Scheherazade until now. The ship’s British captain (only non-Russian crew), Guy Bennett-Pearce, completely denied any connection to Putin, telling the New York Times, ‘I have never seen him. I have never met him,’ but it now sounds hard to believe.

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The opulent 460 ft. floating palace looks eye-catching with two helipads and outrageous luxury amenities. Divided among six sprawling decks are several swimming pools, a spa, a sauna, a theatre, ballrooms, a gym.

Not just that, there is even a hospital onboard to keep track of Putin’s health issues. Some touches give clear hints that the vessel belongs to the despot, like a judo gym with framed pictures of black belts; books like The Atlas of Beauty by Mihaela Noroc, Fashion History from the Kyoto Costume Institute, and Photo Icons by Hans-Michael Koetzle. Another dead giveaway is the tiled dance floor that lowers to turn into a pool. The only other yacht to flaunt a similar feature in the world is on Putin’s ship Graceful.

The floating goliath doesn’t cease to impress. Its list of amenities continues with a self-leveling pool table, a five-meter aquarium, and the giant TV stretching nearly 15-feet across the wall. A vessel so big will obviously house sprawling living quarters and lavish and well-sized bathrooms. The yacht’s interior was designed by Zuretti Yacht Design, who went overboard with gold toilet roll holders and taps. The sun shared the excerpts of a worker who helped build the superyacht.

He said, “Every surface is marble or gold. There are countless swimming pools, a spa, a sauna, a theatre, ballrooms, a gym, two helipads. It’s like a mini-city. There is even a hospital that makes sense when you hear rumors of Putin being terminally ill. It is hard to swallow the fact that the most incredible ship in the world is owned by a man intent on bombing civilians in Ukraine.”

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Talking of the exterior of megayacht Scheherazade, the two massive helipads are adept at landing 16ft military helicopters. The cruiser’s watertight security system includes four radars that can detect and shoot down drones, similar to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Solaris yacht. The Chelsea F.C. owner’s ship zaps drones mid-air, has secret pirate-proof passageways, a radar-based anti-missile system. The underneath hangar holds a helicopter and six jet skis, five tenders, and eight Seabobs.

Earlier, the entire staff onboard the yacht was Russian.Via Twitter / @pevchikh

Interestingly, superyacht Scheherazade’s entire onboard Russian crew was suspiciously taken away and replaced by a British one. Officials said more than two dozen officers and deckhands aboard the 460ft vessel have been swooped away as the $700 million vessel has drawn the eyes of investigators probing possible sanctions. Italian authorities are probing whether ship should be seized under sanctions for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin on a luxury yacht.
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