Interiors of a well-appointed penthouse and a garage for your Porsche, this $1.7 million luxury motorhome is badass

Want to live the carefree motorhome-life without leaving behind the luxurious interiors of your penthouse and your favorite sports car parked in the garage? This $1.7 million beast-on-wheels is just the thing you want. German company Volkner Mobil’s new Performance S is a super-luxurious motorhome which measures a whooping 40-feet in length and comes a double bed, fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious lounge area and heated bathroom. Everything inside the motorhome is finished and appointed to the highest standard.

However, it’s USP is a hydraulically-operated sliding platform garage located at the belly of the vehicle; which means, you can travel in the motorhome with your sports car safely stored in the on-board garage. The electrohydraulic lift of the motorhome’s garage is big enough to fit anything from a Mercedes to a Ferrari. The company demonstrated the capacity of the Performance S’s garage by stowing a BMW i8 and a Porsche 911. It’s not the first time a company has built a large-sized motorhome with an on-board garage. Last year, another Germany-based customizer of motorhomes called Variomobil showcased a RV built upon a Mercedes truck that had a rear-entry garage to fit in a sports car.


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