Introducing the AB-100 Spectre: The speedy and stylish yacht you’ve been waiting for

In the world of luxury, there are yachts and then there are Yachts. You’ll come across the former pretty often, but the latter? They are a more elusive breed of design, power, and luxury, something not everyone gets to experience. The AB-100 Spectre definitely belongs to this special class of Yachts.

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What makes it so different? For starters, it’s powered by three 1,900 horsepower engines that give it a cruising speed if 45 knots and a top speed of 54 knots. That’s almost 62 miles per hour!
And we’d be remiss not to mention that the AB-100 is a whole lot of boat, 100 feet to be exact! And every part of it is beautifully designed from the stylish galley (that’s boat-speak for the kitchen!) to the living area that accommodates a wraparound couch and a massive flat screen for your binge-watching needs. Throughout the main deck, the large lateral windows flood the space with light. A winding staircase leads to the upper deck where you can lounge in peace while enjoying the view as you sip a drink. Meanwhile, three full bedrooms let you host the guests you need for a full-fledged boat party.
The AB-100 Spectre combines the best of both worlds: Speed and style! And while the price has bit yet been announced, we can bet that you’ll need a supersized budget to be able to afford this larger (and faster!) than life yacht.






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