iRev: Luxurious floating entertainment haven

Lounging on the lake with your friends has just gotten even more luxurious and fun thanks to the new creation known as ever. A recreational vessel, it will surely redefine your idea of lounging on the lake. The iRev (short for Interactive Recreational Entertainment Vessel) can seat 10 people inside its circular decks. The vessel features a central low smoke charcoal grill that can be swapped for several other centerpieces, an outboard electric 2-5 hp motor with 8-10 hours of battery life, 4 storage bins, and another. an integrated umbrella! A floating entertainment haven, this vessel also features an optional audio package with marine approved hi-fidelity 500-watt speakers, amplifier, satellite radio, and an MP3 connection. The most luxurious recreational vessel, it will definitely appeal to all.

Made in America from 45% reclaimed material (it is 80% recyclable), the iRev is priced highly at $24,000 and available here.