Is it a croc? Is it a buffalo? No, it’s the Russian Bentley Continental GT!

Some people like cars which don’t spot the usual paint jobs, like the Whale Skinned Porsche, Swarovski Encrusted SUV, Gold plated BMWs and Mercedes SL class cars to name a few. But imagine if the famous skunk Pepe Le Pew found out his amour is not a skunk but a cat! Well, that’s exactly what you would feel if you take a closer look at the Russian Bentley Continental GT. The car comes with a 6.0L twin-turbo W12 and an all-wheel-drive system. Guess you aren’t shedding too many crocodile tears on the outer croc-skin appearance anymore, are you?

The crocodile pattern and a perfect paint job are thanks to the skilled hands of Igor Kozin, Robert Mauser, Igor Ryabov and Nikolai Mikhailov. It took them nine months to make the African Buffalo skin look like that of a Croc!

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