70th anniversary Vespa scooter is deliciously retro and chic

You see a legend on TV, or the big screen and you wonder – ‘oh, one day I will meet him (or her).’ And then one day you DO meet the person and you feel like – ‘eureka, one off that bucket list!’ That was how I felt riding a Vespa eight years ago. And to think that, eight years later, I would be writing about the world’s favourite scooter turning 70 years old can give goose bumps. Vespa turned 70 on April 23, and to celebrate this landmark Piaggio, the brand owners has come up with a special commemorative series of models including – limited edition Vespa Settantesimo PX, Primavera and GTS. The classic models also feature a new brown leather bag to match the seat.

“A motor cycle with a rational complex of organs and elements with body combined with the mudguards and bonnet covering all the mechanical parts” – the Vespa got its name from Enrico Piaggio, the mother company of the scooter and founder Rinaldo Piaggio’s sons. Designed by Corradino D’Ascanio, an aeronautical engineer and inventor employed by Piaggio, Enroico was smitten by the design, as we are, and called it Vespa – which Italian for a wasp. The scooters began to be rolled out from the Piaggio factory in Pontedera in Italy. Since then, to date, more than 18 million Vespas have been sold worldwide, with nearly 150 versions and variants of the original 1946 model.

Today there are two more factories that build Vespas – one in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, for the Far East markets and another in Baramati, India for local consumption there.

As part of the celebrations, The Vespa Club of Pontedera held a meeting on April 23, ending today gathering riders and enthusiasts who got a chance to enjoy a guided tour of the Piaggio factory and brush up on the history of the scooter at the Piaggio Museum. Don’t fret for having missed that, here is another one – sounding like more fun! From June 2-5, Vespa World Days – an annual meeting of Vespa owners’ clubs from around the world – in Saint-Tropez in the South of France, will be able to enjoy tours and scooter runs, as well as a ‘“concours d’élégance” — a 1950s and 1960s-themed Vespa pageant’.

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