Jaguar and Shell team up for the world’s first in-car payment system

Imagine zooming to a gas station in your Jaguar, filling up your tank and taking right off without any hassles of paying for that fuel. Sounds heavenly? Well this may soon become your reality if own a Jaguar XE, XF, or F-Pace in the United Kingdom, as the automobile giant has recently joined hands with Shell for an innovative gas-payment system. As part of the novel facility, you can complete the entire fueling transaction from the confines of your uber-luxe Jaguar minus the need of stepping out.

The one-of-its-kind in-car payment system requires users to install the Shell app, that can be operated via the car’s touchscreen for payments. All you need to do is, select the amount of full you need and make the payment via PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay (to be introduced later). Further, the app also generates a receipt for your payment on the display itself, and forwards along a copy to your registered email address. Apparently the in-car initiative is commenced by the brand to offer an extended degree of convenience to its clientele, especially in situations where they forget to carry their wallets or simply do not wish to step out.

The automaker is also working with other companies to expand its in-car payment feature. A system like this that makes use of retailer and service provider apps, combined with stored digital payment methods like Apple and Android Pay seems like a huge opportunity that will hopefully be imbibed by other automakers in the time to come. For now, though, Jaguar owners can take pride in being the only lot to receive the royal in-car treatment at gas stations!

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