Jaguar XF gets pimped with the B&W audio system

Jaguar’s new XF sedan is now provided with an all new system by Bowers and Wilkins (B&W). Jaguar, Bowers and Wilkins showed an advanced prototype of the 2008 XF model at a press conference in New York City. The Bowers and Wilkins worked closely with Jaguar in a three-year intensive programme before the new car was conceived, so the audio suppliers didn’t have to face the catastrophe to adjust and put up with the leftover spaces in the car. The engineers of B&W were provided with enough space to place their 14 speakers in acoustically optimized locations. The mind-blowing innovations of B&W include Aluminum dome tweeters, 9 Kevlar mind/bass drivers and one subwoofer. Each tweeter, mind/bass driver and subwoofer is powered by it’s own amplifier and the system also makes use of digital signal processing to monitor the vehicle’s interior ambient noise levels and amends it’s sound quality to reimburse for changing road conditions.

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With the all-new enhancement, this beauty will certainly cost a bomb, the prices haven’t been decided yet, so all we can do is wait till the Spring/Summer of 2008 when the debut is expected.