Jaguar XF is likely to be the new James Bond car in Bond22

Casino Royale has revived the Bond passion which had taken a set back when the previous Bond Peirce Brosnan took a sabbatical from playing the 007. Since (and also prior to) the release of the latest Bond movie, we have endless written about the Bond stuff…..ranging from cars to watches or from sunglasses to the jewelry sported in Casino Royale. Moving on from Casino Royale, we now target the forthcoming 007 feature film called Bond 22. Ford has a three-film, $100 million contract for product placements in the Bond movies, and has used the last two films to showcase its Aston Martin sports cars. As Ford is likely to sell Aston Martin to another company in the coming months, Aston Martin won’t be James Bond drive anymore. According to a report by Bond fansite MI6, James Bond will be seen driving the Jaguar XF in the next 007 feature film.

The Jaguar XF is an impending edition of Jaguar’s new C-XF concept car. Ford previewed the car with the C-XF concept this week in Detroit and the XF concept is likely to hit the showrooms sometime in 2008.

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