Jaguar XKR Portfolio and its Bowers & Wilkins system

If you’ve got a penchant for speed and an ear for fine sound system then Jaguar XKR Portfolio is the car for you. The Jaguar XKR Portfolio will be the first production car in the world to feature an audio system specially designed to meet premier British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins’ exacting specifications. Specifically designed and developed for the Jaguar XKR Portfolio, the audio system includes key Bowers & Wilkins elements, including improved-dispersion Kevlar mid-range speakers and extended high-frequency performance aluminum tweeters.

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Kevlar speakers in the XKR Portfolio have been crafted to improve the sonic purity of the signal and dispersion is much more uniform across the frequency range, leading to significantly clearer response and more fine detail. All Jaguar XKR Portfolios are befitted with this premium sound system from B&W and are estimated to be available worldwide very soon!

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