Japanese customized bikes

These bikes are here for a purpose; to make you jealous and make you drool. These include some amazing creations by Bikeshop Rodeo, Gull Craft (with their Honda Forza modifications), a Yamaha Maxam (that’s got just a few hours before it comes under the hammer), and some bikes whose images have spilled forth and have created pandemonium among tweak freaks. This collection of bikes includes bikes of all shapes and sizes, of all color combinations, and crazy lighting effects. You know the fact that the scooter isn’t just a silly mode of transport that’s for old men and country folk to adore. These are crazy, sexy, new, and refreshingly hot!

The Yamaha Maxam looks stunning and is all set to go for sale at Yahoo! Auctions. The highest bid is 400,000 yen (~$4,000).