Jet Ski style C-12 carbon fiber yacht up for grabs

I guess an avid yacht collector would fall head over heels in love with this new killer machine. Professional yachtsman Jason Carrington with the help of Humphreys Yacht Design has come up with a new jet boat, the C-12. Crafted with a Nomex honey­comb core covered in carbon fiber, the high-performance boat is as agile as a jetski because of adjustable twin impellers. The yacht has an open porthole to take you directly above the clear seas for a perfect beach-deck effect. The bows come with a small cabin with double berth beds, a built-in bathroom, a galley, and a wine rack.

The 30-feet yacht is priced at $456,700 and can hit speeds of up to 45knots. A 44-ft. version is touted to be in the offing.

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