Jetovator water-powered jetbike delivers high-adrenaline fun

If jetpacks and flyboards aren’t enough to give you those adrenaline boosts you’ve been seeking, here’s a perfect way to scrape the surface of a wave. Called the Jetovator by Jetaviation, this kit requires a personal watercraft (Kawasaki JetSki, Yamaha Water Scooter) and comes with a price tag of $9,000. Sporting an aluminum frame with a fiberglass body reminiscent of a street-bike, the Jetovator hooks up to a watercraft using a 50-foot hose and uses the upward thrust to propel upwards.

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The Jetovator can rise 30 feet in the air and travels up to 25 miles an hour. The company also offers upgrades for your Jetovator for additional speed, landing performance, and more!

[Jetovator and Dvice]

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