Kar krazy Beau Boeckmann’s Kustom Kar range

If you want your car to look like something you had a nightmare on, you can do it. Provided your pocket money can buy you simple things like a Porche or Ferrari. Ok, I am bitter. But this is good news for people who have a likeness towards extra cool things. Beau Boeckmann has introduced his Kustom Kar (just as it reads) range where you can get to shape your car the way you like it. His idea of recreation is making cars for tomorrow with ideas from yesterday, and by the looks of it, Batman might get a complex with not being an exclusive owner of such a what-the! Car.

Kustom Kars will definitely be a hit because as much as we love the nature and our green globe, it won’t be too long before we end up like those futuristic movies and robotic gear as apparel. If you want to get a Kustom Kar, you can visit the Galpin Shop in South California.

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