Kirk Hedge’s Pink Festooned Lamborghini written off to swindled investors

Here is some dirt (beauty in other words) dugout on the real perpetrators of the financial turmoil of 2008. Kirk Wright, a Florida Hedge Fund manager, accused of swindling millions of dollars from clients, hung himself when faced with a 710-year sentence for his fraudulent activities. But the notorious men always leave their footprints behind, don’t they? Well, Wright left a gaudy, pink-festooned Lamborghini which he bought for his wife. If you were wondering where all the defrauded investor cash was going, here is the answer. He was busy buying his wife a $55,000 engagement ring and a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo with a custom-made rhinestone-bedazzled logo back in 2007. We heard the car is 3 inches wider than the original and boasts of a pink Alcantara interior and custom painted Asanti wheels.

Alas! His wife couldn’t enjoy the bounty of the car for long as the Lamborghini was impounded soon after his arrest and eventually purchased from police impound by EuroMotorSport in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Apparently, the shop is attempting to resell it with an intention of donating a portion of the proceeds to the scammed investors. So we know that justice and jurisdiction are leveled after all!

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