Lambo Laid to Rest!

Are they getting into a habit or what? These oafs have managed to make the best on the road into a mangled mess, again! This time it’s a white Lamborghini Gallardo convertible that lies somewhere in Shropshire beside a tree, mangled, crumpled, and no more recognizable. Hmph! The bloke who was behind the wheel survived the crash and was taken to a hospital in another car that was around at the fateful hour. To make matters worse, the car wasn’t even owned by this particular slayer. It was hired by him and a group of friends who went drinking at The Cider House pub near Wootton. Even after the horrendous crash, the guy didn’t even lose even a limb. I wonder how to penalize such an idiot in my own little way. The closest I got to a Lambo was that tattered poster I had hanging in the wall and here’s someone who borrows it, crashes it, and then ends up in the hospital, grinning away at relatives arriving with flowers (I hope bloody not!).

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