Lamborghini London is the highest selling dealer for the brand across the globe

Now we all freeze for a moment when a luxe Lamborghini crosses us by, don’t we? But there is only a tiny cluster amongst us who can actually afford the Lamborghini wagons in their lifetime. While you may think that the middle easterners or those in the United States may have better chances at purchasing these luxurious cars, it is in fact the Londoners who have been the busiest owning the car (and the complimentary pride it brings in), in the year 2016. The H. R Owen Lamborghini London dealership in South Kensington has bagged the record for selling the most number of Lamborghini’s in 2016 that any other brand dealer in the world.

Coming in as quite a surprise, this London dealership has managed to garner the highest sales records for the auto giant from over its 128 dealerships (approx.) in the world. While the British capital is known to have its own taste for sophistication and brimming opulence, it is in fact the Middle eastern countries or cash rich lands such as Japan or the U. S of A that are often the biggest consumers of top-end cars. While a part of the success goes to the resident Londoners, the high sales by the South Kensington dealership can also be attributed to the travelling populace that the city brings in.

Overwhelmed by their success, H.R. Owen’s Brand Director, Rupesh Jethwa, exclaimed, “It’s been an outstanding year for H.R. Owen Lamborghini. Our results have been fantastic, which is testament to the amazing cars we sell, the hard work of the team and their exceptional understanding of the customer.” Apart from being the single most successful dealer in London, the H.R. Owen Lamborghini Dealer group (consisting of Lamborghini London, Lamborghini Manchester and Lamborghini Pangbourne) – was also the single most successful Lamborghini dealer group in the world in 2016.


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