Lamborghini Gallardo line of supercar will come to an end

It’s been nearly a decade since the first Lamborghini Gallardo rolled out and scorched the asphalt. This sports car by Lamborghini went on to become the Italian manufacturer’s most-produced model. Now, the company prepares to bid the baby Lambo a tearful farewell with news of a replacement for the car currently doing the rounds. Confirming the news, Lamborghini recently pulled out a video titled “The Final Gallardo,” a fitting farewell to a car that has captured the imaginations of just about every one of us during its glorious reign! The video includes footage of different stages of Gallardo’s life and also speaks about the supercar’s home, Italy.

However, the company hasn’t clearly stated if this is indeed the last Gallardo or the last version of the car to ever roll out of the Sant’Agata Bolognese. That said, this beautiful beast from Lamborghini’s stables will always have a place close to our hearts, remembered as one of those cars we’ve spent the best of our hours dreaming about.

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