Lamborghini Gallardo Tricolore celebrates 150 years of Italian unification

When you have been a part of history for this long, an anniversary may seem to be just another year of successful existence. But not for Lamborghini, the auto-giant takes its years rather seriously. Understandably so, after all it’s 150th years of of Italian unification. So the auto-giant decided to do it in style and instead of getting upgrades, Lamborghini launched a special Gallardo series. Called the Tricolore, the new car is a rather interesting take off from the sports car maker’s hot selling Bicolore series. Decked up in white with the three colours of the Italian flag as an offset stripe running over the top, this 5.2litre V10 engine mean machine comes in 550, 560 and 570 horsepower variation with an option of manual or e-gear transmission.

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To be unveiled next week in Turin, this Gallardo, by the sheer look and purring, will be one helluva car hard to overlook. Gentleman, ready with your bank notes?!