Lamborghini in the basement

Ever heard of movies affecting people? Well if you are of the opinion that movies are just for entertainment, you definitely haven’t heard of Ken Imhoff. He was a regular guy until 17 years ago when he saw the movie Cannonball Run. Ken was so enamored by the Lamborghini Countach in the film that he decides to build his own. And no he didn’t place an order or call up the guys from ‘Overhauling’ he toiled it out in his basement for a cool 10 years. Ken designed and fabricated his own tig-welded frame, installed a thoroughly massaged 351 cubic inch V8 with a ZF-25 5-speed transmission, hand-formed the aluminum body over a meticulously measured and accurate body form, and finished it all off in a beautiful metallic gray. Awesome, isn’t it? But all that hard work didn’t just end when the car was ready, Ken had to face an even bigger challenge; yep, you are right, how to get the car out of the basement? Finally, Ken hired a contractor to knock out a part of the basement wall, build an earthen ramp, and then drag the car out of its subterranean workshop. Wish you could be there? Don’t worry all the amazing basement workshop and wall breaking videos are there for you to see.

Guess Ken has proved to all of us that where there’s a will there’s definitely a way, even if you have to knock out a part of your basement wall.

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