Lamborghini Miura may hit the roads

A supercar is a car that is based on extremes. They feature styling, performance, power and technology that make you say “Wow” and shake your head in amazement. The Miura series of Lamborghinis are outstandingly designed automobiles from a visual standpoint. Italy’s raging bull, Lamborghini has mined one of its most endearing supercar designs, to create a modern counterpart to Ferrari Enzo, Carrera GT, or Mercedes-Benz SLR. Different in every way, yet instantly recognizable as a Miura, the concept was met with a warm reaction. Word is that the Miura could be heading into production.

The retro-styled coupe will likely make use of the same architecture as the Audi R8 supercar and find its power from a modified version of the monstrous 6.2L V12 currently planted in the Murcielago. The limited-production Miura has a definite lower-key appearance than its Gallardo and Murci counterparts, but it will surely be just as swift and agile. However, all this information is not officially announced by the automaker. So we can just wait and watch out for Lamborghini Miura if it ever hits the roads.

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