Land Rover Defender Blaser to tackle nature’s rougher side

Well, you can now leave that shiny black SUV at home every time you go take on nature, and drive around in a more suitable and true-to-blood off-road vehicle. Designed in collaboration with gun maker Blaser, Land Rover recently pulled the veil off the Defender, a car that seems to face nature and all its ups and downs with a smug expression on its face. Complete with a special Keswick Green color, roof racks, electric winches, snorkel air intake, and trailer hitch, this one might look like a runaway military vehicle from the outsides, though the insides are pretty luxurious.

With a 122bhp 2.2 liter turbo-diesel engine, the Land Rover Defender Blaser is priced at 49,500 Euros ($64,200) and comes with an optional gun-case in the cargo area with enough space to store five killing machines.