Land Rover Defender XTech Special Edition will debut in U.K.

Land Rover Great Britain has recently taken the veil of a new Special Edition of its Defender SUV– the rough road vehicle designed to fight it out in the face of nature. The car dubbed XTech is an oomphed up, classier version of its sibling with sturdy features to back it up. The car sports a unique Nara Bronze or the Orkney Gray on the outside, a black roof and wheel fenders that are filled by 16-inch gloss black Saw Tooth alloy wheels sitting on aggressive MTR off-road tires. The SUV gets its torque from 2.2 liter turbodiesel engine and six-speed manual.

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The model can be identified from the rear badge, while the originals are replaced by black headlamp. The center console is painted in a body-matching color, while the interior is part-Ebony. Rest of the changes include embossing on the front seat headrests and unique floor mats. On the technological front, the XTech is enabled with air conditioning, ABS, Electronic Traction Control, central locking with remote control, heated seats and unique floor mats. The cool new truck will be hitting the UK later this month with a sale price of $43,300.
[Landrover and Leftlanenews]

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