Latin rapper René Pérez destroys his $100k Maserati Quattroporte to protest against materialism

In a span of just ten months, another Maserati felt the wrath of its unhappy owner and ended up getting a painful public execution at the owner’s hands. Last year, a wealthy Chinese businessman destroyed his Maserati Quattroporte in protest to poor customer service in front of a huge crowd just outside the opening of an auto show. This time it’s Calle 13 rapper Rene Perez Joglar who decided to pull off the stunt by smashing up his Maserati with a baseball bat. But it wasn’t poor customer service that irked the Latin rapper but his dissent and anger against growing consumerism that prompted him to destroy the car, which cost almost $100,000 new.

The Puerto Rican star mangled the 2005 Maserati Quattroporte Sedan as a part of Calle 13’s new music video ‘Adentro’ that protests against rampant materialism in the hip hop world. He takes the car to a remote location where baseball legend Willie Mays actually hands him the bat, and Rene unleashes his fury. At the end of the video, the car is even pushed off the cliff just to prove that money is killing music. The teaser video uploaded online gives a sneak peek into the making of the music video and the whole idea of destroying a Maserati should give it a lot of publicity; that’s kind of ironic as the whole point of the protest against materialism is lost. Nevertheless, we think it’s a waste of an otherwise amazing Italian beauty.

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