Leather X Porteur bicycle: Luxurious green commuting at its best

A luxury lover will not compromise on his lavish lifestyle even when it comes to eco-friendly travel. He/she will seek the best and most luxurious means of eco-friendly travel that there is. So if the Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle didn’t fit your needs of luxurious green commute, here is another bicycle that is sure to meet your luxurious standards. Known as the Leather X Porteur bicycle, it has been designed by French designer Nicolas Yvars. As its name suggests, this bike is covered in saddle leather and has been handmade by the designer using vintage parts. The beautiful leather trimmings are mended beautifully on a bicycle used by newspaper boys in Paris. Yvars claims that this beauty displays the combination of his three passions- leathercraft, street fashion, and luxury.

The designer took more than a year to track down the bike parts, outsourcing only the frame painting and wheel building. Completely assembled by the designer, this bicycle boasts of a hip flask attachment under the saddle and hand-stitched detailing on the leatherwork. An exquisite bicycle, however, the designer has no plans to produce this leather-covered beauty.
Yvars is just using this beautiful bike to promote his marketing company, Ateliers d’Embellie. But if any of you rich folks think you have it in you to convince the guy, go ahead and try your luck.

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