Let the Quidditch games begin – A Brazilian designer has made a real flying broom with an electric unicycle, and it is absolutely amazing!

If you’re tired of being a mere muggle, here’s some wizardly magic for you! In helping mortals such as us get a dose of the otherworldly, Brazilian-based designer Alessandro Russo Silveira has designed a one-of-its-kind electric flying broom! Yes, that’s right!

To create the unique wonder, Russo used an electric unicycle and turned it into a magic broomstick. The device measures 51cm in length and is made from carbon steel with electrostatic painting. It comes with a small saddle seat that is detachable so that the rider can find maximum comfort. It can be operated by merely leaning forward to accelerate and going backward to brake again.

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Available in four designs – the nuvem 1.0 (training broom, developed for first flights and old-school wizards), nuvem 2.0 (broom with wooden handle and a beautiful tail in traditional brown and gold), 2.1 (aerodynamic and fast model), and 2.2 (broom with a metallic silver handle, curved for comfort, and a tail with a range of colors that go from gold to a soft copper), each unit of the real flying broom features unique style elements such as golden embellishments to wood-like shade finishes.

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Although not a real mode of transportation, the project is making steady progress on Kickstarter where it is currently listed. Delivery for the real flying broom will start in March 2021 with prices ranging between $38- $68. Each broom will be offered along with a nuvem t-shirt, two bottoms, one broom carrying belt, and a founder certificate. It’s time to un-muggle!

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[Available at: Kickstarter]