Lexus shows off the car with a heartbeat forming a true connection between man and machine

There are plenty of people out there who treat their vehicles with the kind of respect they may not show another human being. Not like a pet, per se, but these individuals do ensure that their cars are clean and fed i.e. gasses up, well lubricated, healthy i.e. properly tuned and serviced and even drive them just as carefully as they would play with their pets. So when a company designs a car that has “a heartbeat” it’s pretty much picturing the love and affection these individuals have for their vehicles and added that little extra something that gives them a more personal connection with the machine.

Lexus Australia has designed a special one-off RC F V8 coupe that lets the car connect to the driver in a rather special way, by sharing a heartbeat, in a manner of speaking. The vehicle is specially designed to actually display the driver’s heart rhythms on its exterior. In collaboration with M&C Saatchi, the car was produced to demonstrate how advanced technology has become and to, maybe, show us just how close an individual could get to being one with their machine.
The system works by initially transmitting the driver’s heartbeat from a heart rate monitor to a bespoke electrical system in the RC F. The on-board system then captures and processes this data and then sends an electric charge through the RC F’s body panels, which happen to be painted in electroluminescent paint (developed by US-based specialist Lumilor). What this in turn does is flicker, much like a heartbeat, when the charge is running through it, giving one the dazzling effect that the car itself has a heart that’s one with the driver’s and it beats to the same rhythm.

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Lexus has been speeding ahead with some truly remarkable innovations both in their advertising and research and development. Examples of this are the interactive advertising boards that actually identify vehicles driving and “provoke” them into buying the latest Lexus model. The company is also apparently working on a magnetic hoverboard too. There’s much to be expected now from the company and rest assured, they’re aiming to thrill.

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