Lexus is the top selling luxury auto brand in the US market

When it comes to luxury cars, the US market seems to favor Toyota’s luxury car brand, Lexus. This is clearly seen from the US luxury car sales for the month of October that show the luxury car brand topped the sales charts and outsold its German rivals for the first time in five months. Lexus’s monthly sales showed a rise by 8.1 percent, reporting sales of 21,091 in comparison to its rivals like BMW who sold 19,272, and Mercedes-Benz who sold 18,351. This, in spite of Lexus having to deal with a number of recall issues recently. Lexus who has topped the US sales charts since 2000 is definitely giving some stiff competition to its competitors who are eagerly waiting to steal the top spot.

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And the rate at which Lexus’s sales are rising, it seems like its rivals will have to wait a really long time to claim that top spot.