Lexus LFA cars to be sold with a matching Luggage set by Tumi

If women can match their accessories with their dress, why can’t men match their luggage with fancy cars? You can go at least with the Lexus LFA, which matches and fits perfectly in the boot area of the $375,000 worth car. Joining hands with New Jersey-based travel accessory manufacturer Tumi, the car will sell two-pieces as a luggage set with every new LFA in select cycles, including the US and Europe. The smaller cases are essential for the racing track and, if not perfect for your weekend getaways. The bigger one you can use for much longer vacations. Crafted out of materials like aluminum and carbon fiber-like materials, each bag will also come inscribed with the corresponding vehicle identification number (VIN).

Lexus plans to produce 500units of the car worldwide, with 20 cars coming out of the assembly line every month.

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