Lexus SC430 decorated with Swarovski crystals on display in Taiwan

You know you have got it all when your car sports more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals. The car to be decked up with these jewels is the Lexus SC430 sports car, which is currently on display in Taiwan. And the mastermind behind this ‘unique piece of art’ is designer Zheng Ziren. The SC430 has long been known as “The Jewel of Lexus” and now, this Swarovski-studded version decorated with the crystal made roses and ribbon in pink, is living up to its name. This ‘bling-bling’ car is definitely a showstopper and a great piece of art, but I doubt it would ever hit the roads. The crystals are everywhere on the car, on the front, the back, on the inside; it’s just one crystal-studded car! This jewel is valued at 10,000,000 ($306,045). Let’s hope it never makes it on the roads!


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