Lexus translucent car costs $375,000

If one were to search for the most extravagant of all cars, one would head to the Tokyo Motor Show this year. Lexus LFA has been designed by Scu Fujimoto and a full-size translucent car, and it has already made headlines around the world. The car almost looks surreal and frozen, and with a price tag of $375,000, it certainly is quite outlandish in all respects.

You certainly would not want to use the backseat of this car for some steamy moments with your lover, in case you decide to take this car on date for it is almost see-through! The see-through Lexus LFA is certainly one of the most amazing cars I have ever come across and if you want to grab some attention, get this translucent beauty as soon as you can! Lexus GS 300 and the Lexus LF-A were also super luxurious cars but only not as outlandish as this one.
Via: Sub5Zero

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