l’Hélicoptère par Hermès is a designer helicopter for fashion-conscious executives

New York by day, Washington by night…..and Chicago the next day! Is this your schedule? Maybe not yours or mine but it is the lifestyle of many of the corporate executives in our era. In the present day, personal airplanes, light jets, and helicopters have become “air taxis”, bringing business aviation to new heights. With business being conducted at the speed of thought, time is the most valuable and priceless commodity for any organization. And here is a pricey ‘L’Hélicoptère par Hermès’ for such a clan. Eurocopter and Hermès recently launched an exclusive new concept of business aviation, the l’Hélicoptère par Hermès, featuring an EC 135 light twin multi-mission helicopter, which was put at the able hands of renowned designers from the House of Hermès. With a spacious cabin, ample storage compartments, unobstructed flat floors, room for four passengers and pilot, lateral sliding doors, the helicopter was first donned with a minimalist yet striking exterior paint scheme. Even the surfaces from floor to ceiling are covered in “Toile H”, a signature Hermès canvas used to manufacture the firm’s travel ware since the nineteen-twenties. The seats and banquettes are handcrafted for exceptional comfort that is they have used calf leathers and fabrics for upholstery as it softens ambient noise and vibration. Akin to limousines, a sliding glass partition separates the cockpit and the passenger compartment, enhancing privacy whilst allowing light to enter from the aircraft’s fore-section. Eurocopter Senior Executive Vice President, Philippe Huarache: “The passenger experience created by Hermès has exceeded our expectations, and is going to delight acquirers who value outstanding design.”

Another noteworthy contribution of Hermes would be the complete re-design of the helicopter’s landing gear in an efficient and elegant manner, hence easing access to the aircraft. You can expect this designer chopper to start taking off from 2008.