L’helicoptre par Hermès gives you wings to fly

French Luxury Brand Hermés teamed up with Eurocopter to introduce Italian designer Gabriele Pezzini’s work- L’helicoptre par Hermès. It is based on the Eurocopter EC135, the company’s best selling lightweight, twin-engined helicopter. Beauty is not just skin deep either, aside from surface changes, Pezzini set out to create small and clever innovations that improved the overall experience for the user and streamlined the helicopter’s production. Pezzini worked closely with Hermès craftsmen and the Eurocopter engineers to create a set of modifications that would transform the basic model into something much more impressive. One of the major modifications was done to the helicopter’s landing gear. Pezzini designed a completely new form that improved the functionality of the step while being more harmonious with the new paint scheme. Similar treatment was given to the door handles and other exterior parts which would have clashed with the minimal color pallet. The final design has a distinct style in the spirit of Hermès. All the main surfaces were covered ‘toile h’, one of Hermès’ signature canvases, which has been used to cover the company’s travel ware since the 1920s. The seats and banquettes are covered in calf’s leather and all-in-all, this design comes off very elegant with only the slightest hint at pretense.

The only difference between men and boys is the size of the toys. Well that’s only when you have enough dough to buy one. You pay 5.6 million Euros for this flying status symbol.