Limited Edition Bentley Mulsannes honor the queen’s diamond jubilee

The Queen should really feel on top of the world as more specials come her way. This time around, it’s Bentley that is out with limited edition Mulsanne’s to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen, as it opened doors to its largest dealership in Asia, that too at Beijing, China. Limited to just 60 units, exclusive models were unveiled on Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday. The cars feature custom-made gold embroidery on all four headrests, with veneered picnic tables set inside the rear cabin, which is also overlaid with gold. The table looks like a royal carriage, complete with hiding cushions sporting a similar motif.

The Limited Edition Bentley Mulsannes sport two polished stainless steel treadplate plaques that read ‘Bentley Mulliner, England’ and ‘Diamond Jubilee Edition’. It comes in “a spectrum of paint and hide colours” which is in combinations and shades of red, white and blue.