Limited edition Oakley Design Lamborghini LP760-2 Aventador up for grabs

While the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador got sold out at the Geneva Motor show itself, you can still get your hands on the stunning 2012 Lamborghini LP760-2 Aventador in a tuned version thanks to a tuning program from Oakley Design. Limited to just five cars that sport a unique numbered plaque, three have already been sold. You can also get the individual parts outside of the tuned model for clients who are not so particular will be available for clients who do not require the complete package.

The car will feature lighter and wider wheels, and the tuners are also developing many suspension upgrade alternatives with the help of Intrax. The more spacious car will also be lighter and spot a carbon-fiber body, but the car does spot several gloss black plastic parts. The package also offers the Rear-Wheel-Drive option. On request, Oakley can switch the standard 4WD system for a 2WD setup at the rear instead. No prices yet, but get in touch with Oakley to grab the last two left!

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