Limited edition Pagani Zonda Cinque for a whopping $2 million

If you have the money to spare and love to collect supercars, you definitely need to invest in the Pagani Zonda Cinque. Estimated to cost you €1.6million ($2 million), it is definitely a great way to spend your money. Only five units will be made of these street-legal versions of the Zonda R track special. This exclusive factor gives you just one more reason to own it. On sale at ES Elite Style, GmbH is chassis #1, and it promises to bowl you over with its design and technology. For the exorbitant price tag, the vehicle offers you a sequential gearbox, 678 very useful horsepower, and a large athletic shoe with a sinister red-white-black color scheme to zip around in. the car with a titanium and carbon fiber chassis is anything but disappointing.

So go ahead and contact the dealer, if you are lucky you might just get your hands on this beauty.

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