Limited edition RollsRoyce White Ghost from Mansory pushes the Blue(s) aside

Masory is known to bling up and at times mess up popular luxury cars. After the carbon fiber Porsche Cayenne Chopster, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Conquistador Rolls Royce, the carbon fiber version of the Mercedes’ G55 AMG G-Couture and finally the garish and ghastly electric blue Rolls Royce Ghost the Swiss company has now decided to do up the second version for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Earning from their past follies, the limited edition White Ghost comes with a new white chassis and LED daytime running lights apart from vertical air outlets on the sides.

The wheels sport a 22-inch diamond-polished surface, and the car will have an additional acceleration of 290km/h.
The interiors are leather upholstered with a cross-stitched pattern, with Alcantara’s headliner and dashboard.
The sports steering wheel spots light bamboo colors to create a distinct environment behind the wheel.
Apart from the entrance, the LED lights are placed on Seats, door panels and dash board for the ethereal feel.