London police to quell reckless supercar drivers in the city

It’s London, for crying out loud. It is bound to have some rather notable folk who prefer their V10s over long, stretchy, glistening sedans. Their idea of a day out would probably involve weaving around the moderately paced London traffic, making denizens mad and cops anxious. But the London police are having none of it.

London police quell reckless supercar drivers (1)
After reports of reckless and aggressive supercar drivers reached the police they are due to enforce a severe crackdown. This will be focused largely on the Chelsea and Kensignton areas. The new directive by the police will enable them to order supercars out of the area, should they be suspected of being unruly, they could direct it out of the area. They will also be enforcing stricter insurance and driving license checks through this period. The idea of supercars zipping through the city could be conceived by the fact that these cars are really fast and need their wings spread every now and then. Then again, you have freeways and circuits for that. Another encouraging factor for such behavior could be shutterbugs who encourage such drivers. The police will show such no mercy either.

The peak times for such activities tend to be summer nights, especially weekends. This takes us back to when the Saudis were in the headlines for their supercar escapades in London. All they got away with were parking tickets though.

[ Via : Standard ]

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