Londoners can now book their rides in advance with Uber’s pre-booking feature

When you’re in a frenzy to reach an important meeting or catch a scheduled flight, a message like ‘no cars available at the moment’ is the last thing you would want to see popping on your cell phone screen. Londoners can however breathe a reliving sigh as Uber finally comes to their rescue with a new option that enables users to book their rides well in advance.

The new feature is already introduced in London for current business account holders and will be made available for the rest of the city users within the coming two weeks. Similar to traditional cab bookings, this new option will allow users to fix their rides 15 minutes to a good 30 days prior. Additionally the cab will send reminders a day before the scheduled journey along with a regular notification informing the user that the car is on the way. Similar to on-spot bookings, the pre-booked rides can also be cancelled up until 5 minutes before arrival. These pre-booked rides would cost the users just as much as the regular ones, with surge charges (if any), uniformly applicable.

Though an added advantage, Uber’s new feature is not a novel one as counterparts like Hailo, Gett, Kabbee and Karhoo already offer the same functionality. A while ago, Uber had introduced the feature for a limited time period in the US for business users as well. Starting for now in London alone, the brand also plans to introduce the pre-book functionality in cities across Europe. Though late, looks like Uber is finally serving user demands well.

[ Via : Independent ]

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