Louis Vuitton collaborates with Maison Tamboite for one the most stylish bikes ever

Louis Vuitton has travel embedded in their DNA, and Louis Vuitton luggage has over the years become a staple for luxe jet-setters! When you think of LV and travel, you generally imagine classic trunks. Still, this time Louis Vuitton has taken the travel bug seriously and churned out the LV Bike in collaboration with Maison Tamboite, who is all about handcrafting fine French bicycles. The two Parisian names go way back in time as masters of their craft; it’s surprising this coming together of the unrivaled luxury companies’ didn’t happen sooner. The all-new LV bike by Louis Vuitton x Maison Tamboite is basically is a redrafted version of Maison Tamboite Paris’ classic model is wonderfully typical LV elements. The hand-made bicycle looks stunning with its seat and frame wrapped in LV monogrammed leather. To make the Louis Vuitton treatment obvious, the Monogram flower chainset and an interlocking LV-shaped frame have been incorporated into the design along with bright red leather-wrapped handlebars, a monogram leather luggage rack above the rear wheel to make it stand out as an LV Bike.

Bringing in an old-world charm is the incorporation of wood for the mudguards and multispoke rims lined with a wooden red-and-white branded wheel trim. The bike is also equipped with LED lights, an added built-in tracker, and strategically positioned shock absorbers underneath the seat. Four versions of the ultra-luxurious LV Bike are available in Monogram with red Louis Vuitton perforated Mahina leather, “Damier Graphite” with black, gray, and yellow details, a “Lime Yellow” colorway, and an exclusive Nicolas Ghesquière-designed “Since 1854” Monogram. The bike is available exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide on a made-to-order basis.

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