Luxury garages – the future of storing cars

Having beautiful and rare cars is not enough. You have to be able to look at them. The appropriate garage is light, modern and above all, expensive. It is delivered by a few specialists to match the apartment.

The underground car park becomes an underground showroom :
What if the cars are rare oldtimers or expensive supercars instead of rust buckets? Of course this is a luxury problem. But the answer to this question could inspire some architects for future plans. Those who own such high-priced cars, some of which acquiring entire collections, increasingly want an ambience in their underground garages that perfectly matches the elegance of the noble pieces they own.

The underground car park becomes an underground showroom where the automobile jewels are staged – with a sophisticated lighting concept, high-quality floor coverings and refined wall surfaces. And if there is not enough space underground, those who do not want to let go of their precious car can place an oversized Matchbox box in the garden and park their luxury cars in it.

Brands specializing in Luxury parking :
If you love your car, you also want to store it safely and stylishly – especially if it is a rare vintage car or a limited-edition Ferrari. The Berlin start-up company Fahrengold builds luxury garages for exactly this purpose. Is this a good solution to a misunderstood problem or completely decadent?

There are cars that are better not parked on public roads and parking lots, no matter how quiet and well guarded they are. Legendary classic cars or bright red Ferraris, for example. Onlookers would certainly like to take a look through the windowpane, less reserved car lovers might even glide their hand over the paintwork – just to get a feeling for what it must be like to drive a luxury car. And then there is the envious fraction who like to damage the luxurious car bodies.

That’s why Nikita Fahrenholz co-founder of Delivery Hero and his business partner Michael Schultz founded the Berlin start-up Fahrengold. Fahrengold car garages look like big glass exhibition boxes. They display luxury cars in the right light, pack them safely and present them skilfully. Each individual parking space costs at least 100,000 euros. After all, anyone who decides to buy a Fahrengold garage can configure it to suit their individual needs.

Appropriate work wear for car enthusiasts :
Luxury garages do not only boast luxurious features, but they are also operational work spaces for car enthusiasts to fix or improve their beloved cars.

Once the premise has been planned or built, it is imperative to take the appropriate time to plan the interior design. Planning errors are difficult to correct afterwards. A lack of storage space or inferior equipment also leads to annoyances that can quickly spoil the fun of a luxury garage.

Tool cupboards with drawers and internal registers should be considered as well as tool cupboards with correspondingly large storage space to accommodate equipment that requires space, such as tool cases, jacks, etc. Here, a wide range of products with different dimensions can be used to respond to the respective local conditions.

Finding the right tools is a must when equipping your garage. However the right clothes are equally as important. When dealing with oil and other substances, such as cleaning products, the body should have adequate protection. Most importantly are the right work trousers. The manufacturer engelbert strauss, a specialist in the field, offers a wide collection of work trousers appropriate for car mechanics and enthusiasts.

Luxury Garages away from home :
In hardly any European country in is there such a large number of luxury vehicles, rare sports cars and million-dollar classics as in Switzerland. So it is not surprising that the two exclusive car hotels of the First Carlounge are embedded in the hilly landscapes of the Swiss Confederation. Anyone who owns a McLaren F1, owns special editions from Ferrari or drives spectacular classic gems from Aston Martin, Mercedes or Porsche will hardly want to have their automobile darlings in a dark, soulless garage. At home there is usually not enough space anyway and many of the elitist car fans have more than one residence.

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