Maclaren’s BMW buggy to launch at Harrods

British departmental store Harrods is famous its luxurious offerings and this is not restricted to just kids. You can now indulge your kids with Maclaren’s BMW buggy, priced at $385, which is all set to launch exclusively at this store and its website on 10th January 2013. This latest product is more than just a stylish stroller. It is an engineering-inspired Maclaren Object of Design using the highest quality materials and signature design details to unveil a world class product. The stroller is for use for kids aged 6 months and upwards and boasts of being lightweight and high on performance. Taking a cue from the car which inspires it, it comes with a padded liner, a luxurious bucket-seat feel, multiple position recline seat, contoured hood with mesh windows and insignia details. Adding to this, is the choice of colours; take your pick from black, silver and blue.

Also on offer is the BMW StyleSet which packs with it a sleek stroller and organising accessories, making it easier to pack your essentials for trips or holidays. So head to the iconic Harrod’s fourth floor to sample these strollers-after all they take a leaf out of the book of BMW’s advanced engineering sophistication and techniques.

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[Maclaren via Harrods]