Mansory’s carbon fiber Porsche Cayenne Chopster is a beauty

When it comes to customizing cars, Mansory is definitely one of the best. The Mansory Porsche Cayenne Chopster is proof of that. This latest custom beauty isn’t a pure Mansory vehicle; it is one of the first fruits of Mansory’s purchase of Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning arm. However, the Mansory team has had enough time to add detailing to this car. A carbon-fiber beauty, the Chopster is one mean machine. Besides the body mods, which widen the vehicle by 80 mm, the Chopster gets several performance upgrades, including boosted braking power with some enormous 420 mm rotors up front and 375 mm in the rear. A 710 horsepower turbocharged V-8 engine ensures a powerful performance with a maximum of 188 mph speed, as Mansory claimed.

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The high end car boasts of an equally sleek and swanky interior. There is everything from a refrigerator, DVD player, internet-enabled laptop to head-rest monitor screens and much more. The beautiful carbon fiber Porsche is one machine I would love to own. No information is available on the price, but if you are smart you already know it’s anything but cheap.

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