Marrs M-1 is touted to be the Harley Davidson of electric bikes

The thing that I love most about electric bikes is the fact that it loses its lankiness of a regular bike and embraces the maturity of a motorcycle, qualifying to be a good balance between the two. It’s not the best tool for hardcore cyclists who’re looking to shape up, but great for those who love the look of a bike but are keen to lose the gears. M-1 ebike from Anaheim-based Marrs cycles has specs closest to a typical Harley Davidson, pretty cool, aye? These guys are built to order, according to customer requirements. The three-phase brushless rear hub motors use rechargeable lithium battery packs for a charge. The smallest pack (20 amp hours) allows a 79 kg rider to go up to 32km in one charge without pedaling.

The top motorized speed of M-1 is 20 mph, which is the maximum allowed by the U.S to retain the tag of an electric bike. M-1 weighs in at around 140 pounds and is available in a number of frame colors and wood veneer types. The frames on this thing are fabricated from 4130 Chromoly steel, while the rest of the components are a mixture of high-end motorcycle, bicycle, and custom-made parts. The price of this electric bike is about $7,000.

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